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MD2000C is a new mains / battery operated compact vital sign monitor; this powerful and portable platform offers healthcare professionals a range of measurements which includes non-invasive blood pressure, pulse rate, oxygen saturation, perfusion index, Bluetooth ear temperature, ETCO2 (optional), Bluetooth glucometer (optional) and Bluetooth scale(optional). It works with spot-check and continuous monitoring modes.

Advantages of the MD2000C VITAL SIGN MONITOR

Large 7” TFT display provides clear view

PI* (Perfusion Index) can guide caregivers to best measurement location

Manual, and customizable NIBP measurement modes offer flexibility for various clinical applications

Optional BLE ear temperature and side-stream ETCO2

Optional barcode scanner can speed patient ID input

Optional LAN or wireless EMR connectivity options

To support patient administration and effective record keeping, the large internal memory can store up to 10000 groups.

Equipped with a long life 8 hours high capacity battery pack, MD2000C can be used in any healthcare setting.

The integrated carry handle assists with transportation and portability.

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