Q: How much do ChoiceMMed pulse oximeters cost?

A:The ChoiceMMed Pulse Oximeter ranges in price, from $23 to $45.

The ChoiceMMed Pulse Oximeter with Relaxation Coach is priced at $69.99. The devices pairs with an app to measure stress levels and guide breathing.

Q: Is ChoiceMMed a Chinese company?

A:ChoiceMMed was founded in 1993 in Beijing, China. As one of the largest manufacturers of medical equipment, the company keeps providing qualified and reliable medical devices for homecare and professional needs.

Q:Is ChoiceMMed FDA or CE approved?

A:“This pulse oximeter is FDA approved and CE approved, and features great nanosensors with high-level detection,” according to Chen.

Q:Where can buy ChoiceMMed Pulse oximeter?

A: You can buy Offline store,such as retailers like Walmart and Target.

Online Store: aliexpress: https://choicemmed.aliexpress.com and follow the aliexpress store to get the special discount for FOLLOWERS.

you can also find in Alibaba: https://choicemmed.en.alibaba.com

Official Store: https://global.choicemmed.com

Lazada for Philippines:  https://www.lazada.com.ph/shop/choicemmed/
Lazada for Singapore:  https://www.lazada.sg/shop/choicemmed
Lazada for Thiland:  https://www.lazada.co.th/shop/choicemmed/

Q:How long time of warranty of ChoiceMMed Pulse oximeter?

A: ChoiceMMed offers a 2-year limited warranty for their pulse oximeters.

Q: Can you use insurance to buy a pulse oximeter?

A: These pulse oximeters, like most on the market, are eligible to be used with your health spending account (HSA) or flexible spending account (FSA).

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