ChoiceMMed MD300C53 Pediatric Chirldren Kids' Oximeter Fingertrip Pulse Oximeter Spot SPO2 |COVID-19

ChoiceMMed MD300C53 Pediatric Chirldren Kids' Oximeter Fingertrip Pulse Oximeter Spot SPO2 |COVID-19

How to use a Pulse Oximeter(ChoiceMMed MD300C53 Fingertrip Pulse Oximeter Spot SPO2)?

What's the ChoiceMMed?

ChoiceMMed is a Brand specialized in Pulse Oximeter about 30years.Fingertips Pulse Oximeter has sold all over the world in past 30 years.As one of the largest manufacturers of medical equipment, ChoiceMMed keeps providing qualified and reliable products.

ChoiceMMed Strength:

①2 of 6human vital sign parameters into families-SpO2 & ECG

②Developed the first wireless central monitoring system in China

③Developed the FIRST handheld ECG monitor in China

④The Pulse Oximeter invented with plethysmograph & multi-directions ⑤Developed the FIRST multi-parameter telemetry monitoring system in China ⑥The FIRST Chinese medical device company won the red dot design award ⑦The largest Fingertips pulse oximeter manufacturer in the world.

What is a ChoiceMMed #pulse oximeter ?

A pulse oximeter is a device that is used to measure oxygen saturation levels (SPO2 levels) / oxygen levels in the blood. The pulse oximeter gives out two readings which are oxygen levels and pulse rate. In this video, the usage of a fingertip pulse oximeter at home is demonstrated. You can measure your oxygen levels and pulse rate within the confines of your home by using a fingertip pulse oximeter at home.

What happens when oxygen levels drop below the normal oxygen level in the body?

It is very important for the oxygen levels in the body to be in the normal range. The proper functioning of the body depends on oxygen which is carried by the blood to all the cells in the body. When the oxygen levels in the body drop, the functioning of various organs like the brain, heart, and kidneys can get affected. The condition of low oxygen levels in the body is called hypoxemia. Importance of fingertip pulse oximeter in the times of COVID-19 According to medical experts, low oxygen levels are registered in coronavirus patients. So, it is important to monitor the oxygen levels in the blood to detect covid pneumonia in the early stage. COVID pneumonia is a deadly condition seen in severe covid cases. But a pulse oximeter cannot be trusted solely to detect coronavirus. Low oxygen levels can be a symptom of various other conditions as well.

What is the normal oxygen level reading?

You can find the normal pulse oxygen level readings here. When the oxygen levels drop below the ideal oxygen level readings, it is a cue to consult a doctor. This video also lists out the steps to be followed before using a pulse oximeter. Watch the video to know more.

ChoiceMMed Products:

Fingertip pulse oximeters / Vital signs monitor / Bluetooth pulse oximeter / Blood pressure monitor / Fetal doppler /Thermometer / Nebulizer /Multi-parameter health monitoring system.

Where to buy ChoiceMMed?

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